Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Watch For Cyclists


This is my new favorite sign.

The bicycle exit ramp off the Manhattan Bridge is so confusing and dangerous that the city just put this gigantic construction sign up at the intersection of Canal and Bowery to warn car traffic coming off the bridge to 'watch for cyclists'.
I'm not sure that it's working quite the way they thought it would.
I'm still getting honked at, cut off and sped by.
Maybe the sign should blink between "Watch For Cyclists" and "Then Don't Hit Them."

but hey ...

It's the thought that counts, right?

1 comment:

stealthrider said...

this post typifies what's wrong with most bicyclist's attitude on the street- they want to be treated just like they're cars, trying to be as visible as possible. I don't like this sign because I don't want them to see me- when they do, they do unpredictably stupid things, whereas when they don't they do more predictably stupid things... Grow up and learn how to ride the seams, always be one step ahead so they never even have a chance to hit you...