Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flickr... Not so free


"You've run into one of the limits of a free account. Your free account will only display the most recent 200 things you've uploaded.
Anything beyond 200 will remain hidden from view until you either delete newer items, or upgrade to a Pro account.

Nothing has been deleted, and if you upgrade, they'll all come back unharmed."

I know I'm the only person who didn't realize this, but I naively thought that the monthly upload restriction WAS the limit for my flickr account. Imagine my chagrin when I saw the words 'one of the limits' and realized that there could be quite a few more that I hadn't ever bothered to learn.
So, in honor of my newly christened (ie 'paid for') flickr pro account, here are a couple of photos that have nothing to do with anything other than I was on a bike when I took them.







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