Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Storm Left Everywhere a Little Less Green


So, I came across this article in The NYTimes -
Storm Left Central Park a Little Less Green

"It would be a sad census in any case, but the tally of trees lost in
Central Park to high winds during last Wednesday’s storm comes
with particular ill grace in the middle of the Million Trees NYC campaign.

“You felt it was like a tornado,” said Douglas Blonsky, president of
the Central Park Conservancy and the administrator of Central Park.

According to the conservancy’s survey, 33 trees were significantly
damaged, 24 of which have already been removed."

I know Central Park is a big deal. But I've heard no mention of the damage that was done to old growth trees all around the NYC area. I was out in that storm, and I was clicking my heels together and screaming "There's no place like home" along with everybody else.

I took the top picture from the bike path off the Henry Hudson Parkway, looking down toward the river. I'm not sure if this is technically part of Fort Tryon Park, but I don't imagine those trees fared much better.

I was dismayed by the sight of so many damaged trees while I was riding, but not as dismayed as I was when I discovered that I would have to portage my bike up and over the felled tree blocking the base of the stairs down to Dykman Street.


That is one big ass tree.


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